Dirk Kollmann


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About Me

Who am I?
Often you are simply defined by your profession. That is, what you do to earn money. But is that all? You are so much more. So professionally, I councel people on what they should do best on various issues, legal, interpersonal, health, where to go and where to find things.
I am also interested in technology. Whether it's the latest developments in electric cars, home automation and programming, e.g. using Python. I like photography, arts, music, social media and artificial intelligence. Fitness and healthy eating are as important to me as meeting new people, travelling and having loads of fun.

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My Mission

“Empower individuals and businesses to make informed decisions by providing expert counsel on a variety of issues, while continuously expanding my knowledge”

My Vision

“Create a positive impact on people's lives by sharing my expertise and passion for innovation and creativity, while inspiring others to pursue their dreams and embrace their life.”

My Travels